HOW TO ANSWER: What’s your preferred management style?

What’s your preferred management style? Is a typical, classic question that keeps coming up time and time again in almost every interview! Some of you reading this may be thinking “Erm…I didn’t apply for a management role!” This question can apply to both a management role and a non-management role. In this blog post, we will look at it from a non-management role prospective.

First thing you have to understand is, what the recruiting manager is really asking, what are they really wanting to know. The real question is “Are you and I really going to get on? Or are you going to be a thorn in my side?”

All bosses want to employ candidates who can work under their own initiative, but appreciate that there is a structure in the company that must be respected and obeyed. Also, bosses want someone who they can share the big picture of what they want to achieve and then the new employee can hit the ground running and deliver and achieve on that goal.

Top Tip

Before your interview, research the interviewers. Go on Facebook and LinkedIn and see what they’re really like!

All candidates prefer ideally to be macro-managed, nobody likes being micro-managed. After all, who wants a boss that is constantly looking over your shoulder critiquing everything you do!

With this question, you need to demonstrate that you are a right fit, to the company’s problem and that you with your management style can fix it!

Above, I mentioned about, researching your interviewers on Facebook and LinkedIn. It is not uncommon for interviewers to research the candidates social media profiles before offering an interview., but hardly any candidates research the interviewers! Go ahead and do it!  This can be very insightful to who your dealing with not just at interview stage, but also as your potential new boss.

Lastly, to answer the above questions, give examples of how previous managers managed you and how that helped bring you the best results! That will demonstrate how a specific management style helps bring out the best results in you.




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