HOW TO ANSWER: What are your greatest strengths?

Welcome to our first instalment of  our ‘How To Answer…’ feature. Over the coming days, week and months we will add lots of interview questions and give you helpful hints and tips to enable you to give the answers that will tick all the boxes.  In this instalment we look at a question that will pop up in every interview.

With this question you have to understand and appreciate what the employer are really asking. Just what is it your potential new employer is really wanting to know.

What the employer really wants to know is how well do you know what their problem is and have you got the right strengths to help them overcome it and grow their business. To deliver a great answer, be mindful in a positive way of their job description. If you read between the lines of the job description you will find the problem

Don’t just reel off the usual done to death answers, I’m hardworking, I’m honest, I’m great with time keeping, blah, blah, blah! What is needed is a new power grabbing answer, that’s says to the employer, you know what they’re missing to fix their problem and you know how to solve it!

When thinking about your answer, before you give it. THINK! which answer is going to demonstrate, that your experience has shown, that a specific strength will solve the problem this employer is having. Remember your answer has to tell a interesting story/scenario that the employer can relate to. A story that shows you are just what they are looking for in their business and someone who knows how to fix their problem!


Before interview day, really understand the employers business and problem they need fixing! Then really hone your story telling skills and create a kick ass answer, that will make the employer take note of you as someone that is serious and credible

In interviews, storytelling is an integral part for successful interviews. When answering the question put emotion and feeling into your answer. This will make you seem much more credible. Avoid sounding monotone as this just makes you come across as boring and not really that bothered about the job.


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