5 Top Tips For A Successful Skype Interview

As time becomes more precious and in short supply for recruiters, more and more companies use modern technology to assist in their recruitment process and are now moving to undertake Skype interviews.

How to have a successful skype interview:

  1. Internet connection

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you have adequate internet connection before agreeing to a Skype interview. There is nothing worse than having a freezing screen or an internet connection that is always buffering.

  1. Tidy space

Now you have adequate internet connection, make sure you tidy up the room you will be using for the Skype Interview. There is nothing worse than sitting surrounded by your dirty laundry, your ironing pile and all the children’s toys. Make sure the room has either good lighting or better still lots of natural light – you don’t want the camera to struggle to pick you up because the room is too dark. Also consider the back drop – plain and simple is the best option.

  1. Off limits

Make sure everyone in your household is aware that the room is off limits whilst you have your Skype interview, there is nothing worse than intrusion during in your interview. If you have small children, try and get a family member or friend to take the children out for a couple of hours so you can fully focus on the interview. Also there is nothing worse than noise from outside the room being picked up by your microphone.

  1. Get comfortable

Well, that’s common sense you say. You would be amazed how many people don’t go to the loo before the interview then struggle to sit still during the interview because they are bursting for the loo 10 minutes into their interview. Also make sure you have a glass of water near you so you can take a sip if need be.

  1. Camera

Make sure that during the interview you are looking directly at the camera, this will ensure you are giving good strong eye contact. Remember your body language is just as important during a Skype interview as it does during a face-to-face interview. So it up straight and don’t slump in your seat.

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