Are You Unemployed? 3 Ways To Make You More Employable

Being unemployed can leave you feeling frustrated, you may have many things on your mind, like how you are going to pay your bills whilst unemployed and this is perfectly normal. So times whilst unemployed you have so many worries that you can feel overwhelmed by this and unmotivated too – again all perfectly normal! People handle situations; there is no one size fits all.

Below are our 3 top tips:

Develop Your Skills

It is important to keep motivated and remember your goals and what you want to achieve, try and use this unemployed time to better yourself, keeping yourself busy is a great way to keep motivated. Look at how you can develop your skills; this could be by undertaking a course either at your local college or even online courses in which there are many FREE courses. Another way to keep motivated and develop your skills is by volunteering, there are lots of great organisations always looking for volunteers. Look for these organisations and see what roles they looking for and see how you can benefit.


You will have heard the saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!” This is so true, it is important to grow your network contacts, you will be amazed how powerful word of mouth is! I would recommend LinkedIn to anyone. Network with your industry professionals and join in the conversations. Also attend any relevant events where you can network face to face.

Positive Attitude

If you have been unemployed for a few months, you may have applied for lots of jobs and not heard anything back, you can often feel the situation you are in is hopeless. If you feel negative and discouraged this will follow you into the interview room and will impact on your performance and in the way you answer the questions. It can be difficult, but keep your positive attitude.


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