Top 3 Tips For Interview Success

Have you got an interview lined up? Maybe you get nervous in interviews? Here I give you my top 3 tips for interview success:

1. First impressions count.

This is so true. Roughly 5% of decisions were made within the first minute of the interview, with this in mind it means before you have even answered a question fully, the interviewer has already made up their mind! Nearly 30% of decisions were made within five minutes.

When you walk into the building to the awaiting receptionist, have charisma and a positive personality. Walk with your head held high and smile. Greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake too.

2. Remember your body language

Subconsciously your body language speaks volumes about you. Here are some tips to help you make sure your body language is saying all the right things:

  • Maintain good eye contact
  • Make sure your feet are flat on the ground
  • Sit up and all the way back in the chair
  • Make sure your walk is a positive one
  • Use good hand gestures while speaking
  • Nod your head whilst listening

3. The STAR Technique 

The STAR Technique is used to answer competency based interview questions:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

The technique is used by interviewers to gather all the relevant information about specific capabilities that the job requires. Try practising your interview answers by using the STAR technique.

Try these top 3 tips for interview success.